Tuesday, March 30, 2010

view from the highline

It has literally taken me two days to recover from the trip and gather my thoughts and photos into an entry.

That being said, this past week has been honestly unforgettable. It's been amazing to have the opportunities we've had-- to see the things we have, to receive the tours that we have, to speak to and ask questions of the people that we have, and to have it all organized and explained to us every step of the way.

Furthermore, I found that I really had an appreciation for the students I was traveling with; it definitely made it that much more of an incredible experience to be able to always have an animated conversation with whoever was next to me and to have someone else's perspective explained. The genuine interest that everyone on the trip really contributed to how I felt about the trip, and it made it so much more exciting to see and hear the things we did, knowing that an engaging conversation was sure to follow.

I also very much appreciated the opportunity to meet the alumni on the last day of our trip. It was cool to hear how it was possible to get things together and how our trip came about. I think all of us students were in agreement that it was great to meet the people who made the trip possible.

on display at the metropolitan museum of art
daffodils planted in central park

just past the statue of the bull
amazing public transportation system

world trade center construction site
on our way to hear the New York Philharmonic Rehearsal

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