Thursday, April 1, 2010

Food in New York

The food we eat on vacation indicates many things: our personal tastes and backgrounds, our personalities and willingness to try "new" things, our social standing, the culture of the place we are eating, the context of a dining situation (are we paying? are we trying to save money?), and so on. I'm missing pictures from a few meals (all the continental breakfasts at the Hilton Inn, Lunch with Mara Manus of the Film Society of Lincoln Center, and the final alumni dinner on the Upper East Side). Enjoy and reminisce!

Day 1:

Lunch: Jackson Diner (Indian Food), Jackson Heights

Dinner: The Odeon, West Broadway

Day 2:

Lunch: Manna's Soul Food, Harlem

Dinner: Thai Food, Manhattan

Day 3:

Lunch: Chelsea, with Cristin Tierney

Coffee at The Standard Hotel

Dinner: Korean Food, Koreatown

Day 4

Lunch: Chinese Bakery and Gelato, Chinatown

Dinner: Black and White cookie from Junior's Bakery, Times Square

Day 5:

Dinner: Kyotofu (Japanese Food), Lincoln Center area

Day 6:

Lunch: Pizza with Polshek Partners

Dinner: Ramen (two blocks away from The Public)

Day 6: Europa Cafe, Broadway

Dinner: Havana, Broadway

Post-Broadway Snack:

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