Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hey again!

So here my little wrap up of the city-experience!

I decided to concentrate on how we were getting places: My video montage is an insight into the different atmospheres of the city we traversed.

I was struck by how much ground we covered in that week-- I think all of us, including the alumni that helped us set this up, were surprised. We really made an effort to differentiate between the neighborhoods we walked through, and every day afforded so many things to appreciate about this city. That said, it was all very overwhelming, and so going through all the footage really gave me the opportunity to reflect upon our different exposures.

I realize there are parts of the city we didn't get to see, which only makes me want to take the next opportunity to return to explore further.

Looking down, at our feet, at the passageways, to me reflects how close we were to seeing new york's different stages throughout the ages. Because in addition to seeing so many districts of the City, we also discussed its development. It didn't just rise out of the earth (duh), it grew and changed and adapted to its inhabitants. This I felt was reflected best in the ground we walked on.

I tried every size I could, and this was the only one that would load. For anyone interested, I would be more than happy to provide the larger version.


Ariana Koblitz

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