Monday, April 5, 2010

Our whirlwind trip to NYC was a fabulous experience, as all the posts so far demonstrate. For me the week centered on questions: what counts as art? What counts as *good* art? What qualifies one as the "artist" of a piece--do you have to produce the art yourself, or can you enlist others to realize your concept? The amazing part of this trip was that I was surrounded by people who had the same questions as me but different perspectives, which lead to conversations in the galleries, at the dinner table, on the subway, and anywhere else we happened to be. The trip raised more questions for me than it answered (which is precisely as it should be).

I struggled with the best way to represent the questions I had during the week, and finding a way to best map-out our journey through the New York art scene such that it best reflects the progression of the discussions I had with my fellow students is something I still haven't quite settled. However, I'll leave you with a few images that struck me from throughout the week, and hopefully I can produce a more coherent presentation in the near future (it will also be easier in a week when I'm no longer relying on a slow Hungarian wireless connection!).

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